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Backflow FAQ

What is backflow?
Backflow is the backward movement of normal water flow. This can result from a drop in a customer's water pressure or from suction in the water supply caused by a break in the water distibution piping. This can cause contaminants to drain back into the drinking water.

What is a cross connection?
A cross connection is a physical link between a drinking water supply and a connection to a non-drinking water source. An example of a cross connection is a drinking water pipe which is connected to a contaminated source,such as chemical substances or well water without backflow protection.

What kind of backflow assembly or assembly do I need?
A Double Check valve assembly is installed for low hazard conditions. A Reduced Pressure Zone assembly is installed for high hazard conditions. Typically, backfow assemblies are located at your water meter connection or property line. This includes water service to domestic, irrigation, or fire systems.

Why do backflow assemblies and preventers have to be tested?
Mechanical backflow assemblies and preventers have internal check valves, seals, springs and moving parts that wear over time. These assemblies and preventers have to be tested annually to ensure that they are working properly and are protecting the water supply.